Texas Asphalt Repair & Maintenance


Through state-of-the-art tools, our professionals handle all asphalt issues!

Whether it is a driveway repair, driveway widening, or parking lot resurfacing, our team has an experience in all delivering perfection and top-notch services. To maintain your business image, one must invest in a team of professionals providing quality commercial and residential asphalt repair services. If you are located in Texas, you can get the asphalt driveway repair or other benefits from our offered services, and we will bring you first-rate workmanship.
We offer complete assistance, including the following:

  • Pothole repair
  • Asphalt parking lot repair
  • Asphalt crack repair
  • Asphalt driveway repair
  • Asphalt patching and stabilization
Asphalt Repair Services in Texas


Taking a proactive approach to asphalt service is effective for your property’s appearance and saves you from significant damages. We use asphalt patching, saw cuts, and other tried and proper techniques to transform your deteriorating asphalt. 

  • Our affordable asphalt maintenance texas cost less than the other contractors who buy it from third parties. 
  • Our professionals know about the perfect mix contributing 100% of the leftover asphalt recycled into new paving materials, making it eco-friendly. 
  • We offer a full one-year warranty on all our asphalt services in Texas.

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asphalt maintenance company FACILITATING LOCAL BUSINESSES

We are a licensed company having the expertise to provide local businesses with various repair services. Suppose you want to protect your investment by safe and durable asphalt, keeping the pavement in optimal condition. In that case, you must focus on improving the pavement’s life through the latest practical techniques. Our experts can identify all pain points and suggest suitable repair solutions at the most affordable prices.


Determining what repair method to use is the challenging part of our job. But getting the right materials and equipment to ensure long-lasting results is how we roll. 

  • The simplest but temporary solution to fix minor asphalt is surface patching, also called asphalt patching. It restores the aesthetic look of pavement by patching up a hole. 
  • Asphalt removal and replacement is a long-term solution that prevents reflective cracking caused by repeated stress concentration in a specific portion of asphalt.  
  • Our asphalt repair in Texas also offers to mill and resurface by removing all the asphalt and grinding it into gravel-like pieces to create a brand-new aggregate. 
  • The full-depth asphalt repair replaces the pavement system and reformulates it with a stronger aggregate. 
  • You might find the smaller cracks harmless but investigating the issue is equally important. So, to repair the potholes, we offer crack-filling services to develop into their less-desirable counterparts.


It gets done for damages that go about one to two inches deep. Since it is a temporary solution, you must check it regularly and switch to a more permanent repair method.

Nothing is complicated for our experienced contractors since we can step in to repair at retail stores, office buildings, shopping malls, and other commercial settings, assisting with repairs on an emergency basis.

We offer a hot mix of asphalt heated to between 280-325 degrees. The warm mix asphalt is a newer mix laid at a cooler temperature using fewer petroleum products than the hot mix, which is better for the environment. Another type of mix is the cold mix asphalt which is used for patchwork, and potholes for lesser-used surfaces.

It ranges from $1000 to $4000 depending on how complicated the task is and considering the preparation phase.

Asphalt is usually black. It has additives mixed in the asphalt giving additional shades and styles.